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  Launching a TV Station

FTR Media Service provides complete guideline and technical expertise for launching TV Station especially in Pakistan, and also in worldwide where requires
FTR Media Service has technical team which has experience to launch, to run the TV Station, and Market the time slots, sponsor the programs, DJs, News casters and Hosts which suits the requirements of production.
FTR Media Service is available to support and help for licensing, guidelines, and provide assistance where it will suitable.
There are different categories like Info TV, Entertainment TV, Educational TV, Sports TV, News Television. We have techncal team of every field of TV.
FTR Media Service can provide service to mature your deal for sharing in already running FM Radio Station.
We can provide you all equipments related with your Studio and Broadcasting requirements.

FTR Media Service has a team of experts which are working or has been worked in top TV channels, FM Stations, News papers and magazines of pakistan. FTR Media Service also close collaboration with foreign producers, directors, technical persons from all feilds of electronic media......Thats the reason when ever any organisation or company which wants to launch a FM Station, TV Channel, Production House, Event Management Company, Newspaper, Magazine, Website they prefer to make feasibility from the FTR's expert team.

Launching a TV Channel

To prepare a technical and financial feasibility
To assist in negotiating contracts with satellite services providers.
To develop. Float and manage complete Request for proposal (RFP) Process for technical and financial proposals from vendors all components.
To monitor the system implementation and integration process on behalf of the investor.
To develop standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), operation support system (OSS).

The technical and financial feasibilities and working encompass not only the following but all from initializing the project till its operation.

1- Building requirement
2- Office set up with PCs and serves (to be soured locally / from Abroad)
3- Channel automation system, installed on a group of edit suits, PCs and the control room computers
4- Control Room
5- Studio Camera Link Up
6- Encoder, amplifier and satellite dish
7- Services maintenance and trouble shooting
8- Talk back system
9- Vision mixer
10- Live studio cameras
11- Satellite Uplink and Downlink
12- Satellite transponders leasing from the satellite administrator
13- TV studio equipment
14- TV control room equipment
15- Up-link equipment
16- TV Editing equipment 1
17- The News management system
18- Human Resource with budget
19- Vehicles
20- Marketing strategy with 4/5 years annual expenditure
21- Anything else immense for launching a TV channel

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